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Top 7 marketing CRMs for small business

CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is a vital business tool. But small businesses need a Swiss Army knife, not a toolbox – integrated tools that can do multiple jobs with minimal human input free staff for more business critical tasks. So a great small business CRM should offer more than sales. Marketing, CRM, project […]

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The 5 Best Chromebooks of 2015

Chromebooks are lightweight, fast laptops that use a minimal operating system – just enough to support the Chrome browser. You do everything else through that. While they usually don’t have the spec that a full-on laptop has, the days when they were tiny and couldn’t be used offline at all are past and modern Chromebooks […]

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Malware Ninjas Can Be Beaten: Here’s How

The digital threats business faces are becoming ever more sophisticated. Yes, the biggest gaps remain easy and simple to fix, but even if you’ve disabled links in emails,chosen a password that’s not ‘123456’ and patched Java and Flash, you’re still at risk. That’s enough to keep the slouching criminals in burglar’s masks out, the ones […]

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4 Linux Myths That Need to Die

The days when there were two and a half operating systems – Mac for creative types, Windows for everyone else and Linux for the weird kids in the corner – are well and truly over. For a start, OSX and Windows both owe a debt to Linux; Microsoft is courting Linux for its Azure cloud […]

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