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“I want to hold your hand,”
coming from a client
when you’re not available,
can be a highway to hell.

And if your people are here, there and everywhere, those clients will be on the crazy train straight to manic depression. Fortunately there’s a stairway to heaven in all of this: VoIP.

VoIP is an affordable, easy-to-manage communications system that integrates voice, data, video, security and wireless capabilities. It works seamlessly with existing desktop applications such as calendar, email and CRM programs. Most importantly it makes your people more reachable, gives you more control over your communications, and even saves you some do re mi.

FunctionOne offers a state-of-the-art Cisco Unified Communications solution which includes:

  • Cisco Unified Communication 500 Series — Combines voice, data, integrated voicemail, video, optional wireless and basic call center capabilities
  • Cisco Business Edition 3000 — Communications platform designed for growing small to medium-sized businesses with smaller IT staffs
  • Cisco Unified Call Manager Express — Powerful call processing for Cisco Unified IP Phones as part of a converged voice and data solution empowered by a Cisco router
  • Cisco Telepresence for Small and Medium Sized Organizations — Video Collaboration that helps organizations scale expertise, get closer to partners and customers, and close more sales with critical accounts
  • Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing Solutions — Lets you connect with anyone, anywhere, in real time
  • Cisco Jabber — Extends your Business IP phone to your iPhone or Android phone

PDF_VoIPVoIP is a great choice for small, medium and growing businesses. It can help you avoid a 19th nervous breakdown while giving your clients some satisfaction.