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Embracing VoIP Technology

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Voice over Internet Protocol technology allows people to make phone calls over the Internet and it features one major benefit: It is more cost effective then landlines. VoIP technology, as it is typically known, typically saving users anywhere from 30 to 50 percent on their phone bills.

Businesses today, of course, are still struggling through the nation’s sluggish economy. Many are running on tight budgets with skeleton staffs. Today’s businesses, then, can use any form of savings they can find. The cut in phone costs that VoIP provides would seem to be an easy avenue for savings. But are businesses actually embracing VoIP technology? Are they utilizing it to slash their yearly costs?

A Move Toward VoIP?

A recent study says that businesses have not turned to VoIP technology as much as you’d think. Even so, the same study also says that this is apparently changing. According to research from Heavy Reading, about 31 percent of installed business lines in North America were VoIP-based in 2011. The good news, though, is that Heavy Reading anticipates that this figure will increase to 66.6 percent by 2015. Heavy Reading also predicts that by 2015 just 33.5 percent of business lines will consist of traditional circuit-switch versions.

Businesses are Switching to VoIP

The study suggests, then, that businesses will do a complete flip-flop by 2015. Today, after all, classic circuit-switch phone lines make up 68 percent of business lines in North America. Are these numbers to be believed? Are businesses prepared to make such a dramatic shift? Even if you’re less optimistic than the researchers at Heavy Reading, it’s tough to deny that businesses will turn more frequently to VoIP technology in the near future.

A Bright Future for VoIP and Business

VoIP technology cuts expenses for companies while providing voice communication that is as clear as a traditional landline. An excellent thing about VoIP technology is that people don’t have to change their behavior; the phones work the same as landlines. So, move over landlines, here comes VoIP.



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