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Evolving our world with the Tablet

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The rapidly evolving world of technology has changed the way we conduct business. Not long ago we used to have to use a manual press to make an imprint of credit cards in order to purchase something? Now thank to wireless Internet and tablets, we are able to run a credit card purchase practically anywhere in the world.

The development of the tablet has changed a lot more than the way we go shopping. Some companies have completely changed the way they do business because of the tablet. The companies below use the tablet in innovative and exciting ways.

 A high-end Italian restaurant in New York City called De Santos has given their entire wait staff iPad 2s. The staff uses them to take orders and even swipe your credit card after the meal. The thought is that this will reduce mistakes and increase efficiency.

Puma has developed an interactive tool called The Creative Factory for stores in Asia, Africa, and Europe. At these stations customers use specially programmed iPads to design their own unique sneakers, see shoes designs from across the globe, and even learn a little about the other designers. People around the globe are connecting though creativity and footwear thanks to Puma.

The DeKalb Market in Brooklyn has a new addition called SHOPBOX. People can shop at SHOPBOX but it has no store clerks and no storefront! SHOPBOX is made up of shipping containers with an iPads attached to the ends. Shoppers register on the iPads then text the item number they would like to purchase to the phone number that is printed on the glass on each SHOPBOX. The item is then shipped to a location of their choice. This definitely redefines window-shopping!

As tablet technology improves, people will continue to come up with creative uses for it. How will innovation change the future? Will it eventually be “retro” to have human wait staff at restaurants? Will malls be done away with all together? Isaac Asimov said “The only constant is change” and this is glaringly true where technology is concerned. Advancements are made so quickly we hardly notice how drastically they change our lives. Usually these changes make our everyday life easier, so let’s relax, let it happen, and wait for our hovercrafts.

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