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How Connected is too Connected

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Technology has advanced to a place that allows for constant connectivity. Getting a hold of someone is as easy (and as impersonal) as sending a simple text message.   Where ever we go, as long as we have a smartphone in our pocket, we are within reach. This has been a beneficial change in many respects, but what are the negative effects of growing up in the age of connectivity? Communication is evolving digitally; aspects of this will be positive where others will be negative. In this blog we will take a look at a few of the pros and cons of staying connected digitally.

The Pros

  • Being connected means enhanced safety. No mater what emergency you face; contacting the right help is no longer a serious concern. Through increased technology, cell phone range is greater than ever. Car accidents and unpredicted accidents and illnesses even in remote locations can be quickly relayed to emergency help services.
  • Staying in touch is now as easy as clicking a button. Ask any soldier deployed over seas and they’ll tell you that staying in touch with their families is now easier than ever. Sending a message takes only a second thanks to highly advanced Internet connections and international bandwidth.
  • Technology has made telecommuting an accessible reality. Thanks to cloud computing, operating from home is easy and practical. This allows workers on maternity or sick leave to maintain a valuable level of productivity.

The Cons

  • Being connected means being always available. True, it is nice to be in touch with those you love, but we all need some privacy. We all have days when we need a little time alone and being constantly connected makes that time more and more difficult to find.
  • Always being connected promotes over-working. While telecommuting helps redefine your workspace, it also blurs the line between private and professional life. It’s important to know when to disconnect, so having your entire office available on a laptop can make that choice a difficult one.
  • Being connected can cause us to disconnect from those around us. Staying in touch with people who are miles away can cause us to neglect those close to us. We may be communicating with our friends overseas, but we might also be forgetting our friends in the very same room.

As with every cultural shift, dealing with constant connectivity is a matter of moderation. Finding the balance between too little and too much is paramount when deciding which degree of connectivity you are most secure with.

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