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How not to act at work

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Paying close attention to detail and keeping your workspace tidy are both examples of good habits to form in the office, proof that habits can be a very helpful working tool. Although, there are some habits that should be avoided, even if they seem helpful. Research shows that it takes a minimum of 21 days to break out of a bad habit. Wouldn’t it be easier to avoid forming those habits all together? Here are a few bad habits that are easy to fall into, as well as a few tips on how to proactively avoid them.

Working Through Lunch

    Let’s face it, sometimes work can get hectic. We’ve all wished for more hours in the day and sometimes use our lunch hour to gain that much needed extra hour. That mid-day break provides the down time you need during the day that can help you be more productive in the afternoon. Sometimes working through lunch is unavoidable, so make sure to avoid forming the habit. Try giving yourself strict boundaries the help protect your lunchtime.


    We all know how easy it is to idealize a dream job we don’t yet have. Even if that job is something likely unattainable, like working as an actor or being a professional ice cream taster, we all like to think about how it would make life better. This is a very bad habit to fall into, because it makes enjoying your current position very difficult. Instead, try thinking of all the good things your job provides for you, such as money to pay your bills or even free coffee. Taking pleasure in simple and small joys will help you find happiness all of the time.

Work Time Distractions

    Most of us spend our workdays in front of a computer. With all of the wonderful distractions on the Internet, it’s easy to waste an entire morning with YouTube videos and flash-based games. To avoid forming this bad habit, try scheduling “mini-breaks” to enjoy a small distraction, perhaps after completing a large project or working for a large chunk of time.

    Bad habits can be challenging to break; it is much easier to avoid them all together. The next time you find yourself tempted to form any of these bad habits, take a moment to consider what positive habit you could form instead.

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