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By June 24, 2011 Business Technology

A resume is not a medium in which creativity is widely expressed. It’s usually just a document containing important information such as work history, awards gained or practical skills. More often than not, it’s a page or two of white stock paper covered in 12 point Times New Roman. This tradition is born from general professionalism, but as the professional world evolves with social trends and technology, this format has some room to grow. When formatted for a job that requires any amount of creativity, it makes sense that a resume should reflect the creativity of the candidate. This means stepping outside of the pre-accepted resume boundaries and allowing artistic flare a place to be expressed. Qualified applicants are creating some wildly inventive resumes that present not only relevant information but also their ability to think abstractly. Here are a few things to remember when either creating or reviewing a creative resume.

When Creating a Resume

Be sure to have a resume that is fun but also professional. Let your skills be represented in inventive ways without being so inventive that your talent is lost on your future employers. If you turn in a resume to be an accountant, for example, a classic style resume is most likely your best bet. However, if the job you are applying for is dependent on creativity, make sure to express your artistic side. If the person reviewing your resume doesn’t appreciate the added flair, you probably don’t want to work for them anyways. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Be multidimensional. Designing your resume as an infographic will help you stand out as well as represent the many layers of your personality. Check out this example: Infographic
  2. Match the design with your style. If you work best in an open schedule, let your resume reflect that artistically. If you work best in a regimented schedule, reflect that in the same way. Take a look at this resume as a great example: Design and style
  3.  Add some flair. Many businesses take PDF files in place of a hard copy resume. Formatting your resume in new ways allows you to show off your skills and, if applying for a tech-savvy job, could help you land the gig. Here is a great example: Flair

When Reading a Creative Resume

What qualities do you look for in a candidate? Creativity? The ability to think outside the box? Intelligence? These are all traits that can be communicated in a creative resume. Don’t turn a blind eye to an applicant who turns something in that doesn’t fit your traditional view of an application. Instead, keep an open mind to expanding your view of what a resume should look like. Chances are if someone turns in a well-done creative resume, they could be exactly what your business needs.

Job seekers will constantly find new ways to set themselves apart from the crowd. A creative resume is a great way to do so, as it allows the applicant the opportunity to develop his or her own standard as it relates to the job wanted. Keeping an open mind when creating and critiquing a resume is the best way to screen highly qualified and effective candidates.

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