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Is This the End of Business Travel

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There aren’t many people who look forward to going on business trips. They are an inconvenience and expensive for the company. Business travelers often feel rushed, which leads to insufficient sleep and poor eating habits, which exacerbates stress. Not to mention dealing with Airports and long-term parking. As a result, many businesses choose to use videoconferencing whenever possible. But do you think that business travel is on its way out? Will Videoconferencing replace it altogether?

The End of Business Travel?

But is this something which we ought to strive for in business? Is it a good thing if videoconferencing replaces face-to-face meetings altogether? Possibly not, consider the differences between meetings that are face-to-face versus videoconferencing.

During a videoconference, individuals from around the world sign on, say their hellos, and get to the business at hand. The amount of brainstorming is usually limited because people worry about the stability of their connections or give in to the disruptions of the offices where they sit.

The Benefits of Face-to-Face Time

Face-to-face interactions are more intimate and allow conversation to develop easily. Meetings may go longer if this happens, but the advantages of it can be excellent. New ideas come from the creative progression of conversation. While it’s true that every meeting may not become a positive brainstorming session, it can be a great opportunity to develop interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

Business Travel is Here to Stay

While many businesses turn toward videoconferencing due to the cost and simplicity of it, it is unlikely that business travel will disappear altogether. When we develop business relationships, just like any relationships, we want to meet face-to-face because we’re a social species. The advantages of face-to-face meetings are enough that savvy business owners won’t get rid of business travel completely.


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