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Cloud Computing

Chances are you’ve already
had the benefits of the Cloud
pounded into your head by zillions
in advertising dollars.

So all we really need to say is that FunctionOne helps you realize all that the wonderful cloud dream has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to benefit from virtualization via our ONECloud solution, ensure resiliency of your network by leveraging the power of Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds, or you simply want to reduce costs with hosted solutions (Line of Business, Email, Spam Filtering, Data Recovery, etc) we can help you navigate the confusing cloud landscape to find the solutions that make the most sense for your business today.

Available Hosted Cloud Applications from FunctionOne:

  • Hosted Exchange 2010, Sharepoint and Lync Communicator — We can help ensure your critical communications and data sharing infrastructure is always on and always available, while saving the cost of managing and maintaining internal infrastructure.
  • Hosted Spam Filtering, Mail Relay and Email Archiving — Want to shift the processing of thousands of malware and spam-laden emails out of your environment and into the cloud, gain the benefit of ensuring your email is received even if internal systems go down, or simply stop juggling your Outlook PST files? We’ve got you covered.
  • Our Vaultâ„¢ Business Continuity Solution leverages the Cloud to protect your critical business data and infrastructure, so we can bring your business online even in the event of a loss of your entire office.

Potential Public, Private or Hybrid-Cloud Benefits include:

  • Cap those capital expenses — never buy another server or desktop again.
  • Scale your services up or down as needed. Just like a utility bill, you only pay for what you need.
  • No IT staff required — end-user support and management are built right into most hosted solutions–or as your IT Partner, FunctionOne will manage these for you.
  • Resiliency — ensure your business stays afloat through the Zombie Apocalypse by leveraging distributed architecture.
  • More time and money to spend on building your business.

Let us help you design a solution that meets your business needs!

ONECloud Private Cloud feature highlights:

  • Data backup, recovery and business continuity included. Integrated Vaultâ„¢ technology protects your data at all times.
  • Safe and secure data protection using industry proven EMC and Nimble storage solutions.
  • A Complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution that works with our smart thin clients or your existing hardware (optional).
  • Easy Physical To Virtual (P2V) conversion of your existing server hardware means a zero-downtime migration to your Private Cloud.
  • Enterprise Tier Built-in business continuity options with replication to our Data Center or to another Private Cloud at your remote office.

A few more words on the ONECloud Solution:


Enjoy all the benefits of an in-house data center, without all the hassles — no need to find storage space, arrange for licensing and setup, IT support, etc.


Your vital business data will be guarded from theft, hackers, and natural disasters thanks to our multiple redundant secure storage sites.


Increase or decrease your capacity and capabilities at your San Francisco office, or any remote office, as your company’s needs change — without making major capital investments.


Our team of San Francisco-based IT cloud computing experts is available 24/7 to answer questions and monitor your systems for better efficiency, productivity, and continuity.



You’ll have access to high-level cloud computing management features including server virtualization, continuous data backup and recovery, and easy access to your business data — all at a price that fits your budget.