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Data Protection

Flood, fire, quake,
soy chai latte spilled
on a keyboard.

Disasters happen. How would you recover?

What if your information was compromised by theft or hackers? Would you still have access to the vital information and IT infrastructure essential to your business?

Now that we’ve got your heart rate up to a doctor-recommended 150 bpm, let’s talk about how FunctionOne goes beyond basic data backup to provide true Business Continuity, with a little something called the Vault.

As its name implies, the Vault provides safe and secure data protection, guarding your important business information from loss due to hackers, system failures, and more. But the Vault also provides true Business Continuity to keep your business running even in the event of a loss of–well, your entire office. Nobody likes to dwell on worst-case scenarios, like losing access

to all of your critical information. With the Vault you can rest easy– your data’s covered.


Data Protection, Data Recovery, Business Continuity — It’s Cost-Effective Our Vault Business-Continuity Server (BCS) replaces management-intensive, error-prone tape back-up with a quickly deployed onsite device. Plus our Incremental Forever technology assures that no more rewinding is necessary. Toss those tapes in the round file!

You Can Turn Back Time–like that Cher song

Power outage sent your server into the dead zone? No problem. The Vault BCS brings downed servers up in hours, not days, giving you fast access to your critical data courtesy of our Instant Virtualization Technology. Your server may die, but your business lives on.

Messaging In A Bottle

Can you recover your Exchange (2007/2010) server Database, Mailbox or individual message files at the drop of a hat without having to roll those log files, do a safety-dance and incant an ancient Sanskrit sloka? We didn’t think so. And we’ve got that SQL database covered too.

It’s Armageddon-Proof

Zombie Apocalypse, Mayan Calendar, Waterworld–we’ve got enough redundancy to get you through it, with Integrated Off-Site Storage in three separate geographic locations. Even if you lose your entire office, we can turn on a secure copy of your business in The Cloud and keep you running while you rebuild and fight off the giant mutant insects.

Safety First

We’re serious about securing your data. That’s why we lock down your files with a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm BEFORE they’re even saved. And no one but you holds the keys to your data, ensuring recovery is by authorized personnel only.


Best of all, our BCS solution is completely hands-free. We manage the entire process and our NOC ensures your backups are functional 24/7. If a problem occurs during any backup or with the hardware, we are notified in real time and on it. Once everything is virtualized, you can transfer your Vault data into a full-fledged Private Cloud and never look back.