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Managed Services

The one who shops carefully
will always beat the one
who throws money at everything,

and that includes IT services. If you don’t have millions to pour into IT like the huge corporations do, that’s ok–because now you’re reading this.

FunctionOne works as a great equalizer, giving you the same level of IT support that the big dogs have at a rate you can afford. Advantage: you.

Our ONESolution Program gives you a complete IT department for less than the cost of a single full-time hire. We’re your desktop admins, your network engineers, your CIO. Most importantly, we are your IT Partner, working from server room to boardroom to help align your IT strategy with your business goals.

ONESolution Managed Services Program gives you:

  • Peace of Mind — Backups, network performance, security, we got this. Let us be your network watchdog while you focus on your core business.
  • Increased Productivity — 24/7 monitoring allows us to head off any network issues, resulting in substantial cost savings and less downtime.
  • End User Support — We’re there when you need us, where you need us–once a week, or every day–with the level of attention your business requires.
  • The Comfort of Being Current — Compliance, risk management, SOX, HIPPA, SAS 70–we navigate the jargon and keep your network up to date and protected from the latest unpleasantness.
  • One rate to rule them all — For less than the cost of a single new hire, you’ll have access to our Network Operations Center, our Enterprise Network Management Platform and our experienced team of engineers. We shoulder all the HR responsibility.

Contact FunctionOne today to speak to a San Francisco-based managed services associate and get a free, no-obligation consultation.

PDF_managedservicesAlready have an IT department? We play well with others.

Let us enhance your existing team with additional resources, insight and efficiency while saving you money. Did you know that the average company spends 70% of its IT budget on maintaining current operations, and only 30% on new development?* FunctionOne can help you flip the script and put more of your IT budget back where it belongs: business growth.