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Top 7 marketing CRMs for small business

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CRM – Customer Relationship Management – is a vital business tool. But small businesses need a Swiss Army knife, not a toolbox – integrated tools that can do multiple jobs with minimal human input free staff for more business critical tasks. So a great small business CRM should offer more than sales. Marketing, CRM, project management and analytics can all come in one package if you know where to look.

Here are 7 of the best!

1: Intercom

$49/mo and up

Offering analytics and customer communication as well as CRM functionality, Intercom is an ideal choice for ecommerce stores or businesses seeking to market to contacts they already have. If you have a lot of time-sensitive, online leads, Intercom is for you; if most of your business processes take place offline, not so much.

2: Infusionsoft

$199/mo up to $599/mo

A legend in the industry, Infusionsoft is a one-stop business app. Everything from lead generation through project management, sales and analytics mean you can run a whole business out of the Infusionsoft box. Which is a good thing, because Infusionsoft isn’t cheap. It’s best suited to midsize businesses that want to automate a lot of their marketing.

3: Jumplead

Free – $159/mo

Jumplead excels at geographic and onsite location and customer behavior tracking. So if you’re a local ecommerce business or your business model features a blend of online and physical sales this could be the marketing CRM for you.

4: AgileCRM

Free – $47.99/mo

AgileCRM has one of the widest range of integrations on this list. And it’s all built on top of a sturdy, adaptable sales CRM. Marketing functionality includes social listening and email campaigns and onsite and email reports, while you’ll also find lead management tools and commerce payment integration.

5: Hubspot


Hubspot’s CRM is totally free, despite bulging with integrations and pretty serious functionality. Upgrade to full Hubspot for $800/mo and get the industry standard business suite. Everything Google Analytics offers you is bundled right in with easy landing-page and email creators, Sidekick integrated contact integration and more.

6: Zoho CRM

$12 – $35/mo

Part of Zoho’s modular business software suite, Zoho CRM gives a complete buying-cycle view that’s invaluable for the kind of 10, 000ft perspective you need to make great marketing decisions. Mass emails, marketing customization and reports and CRM functionality come with the Standard plan; upgrade to pro for social CRM functionality that automates social presence centrally and go for Enterprise for custom modules, Adwords integration and more.

7:Call Tracking Metrics


Turns out, not everyone’s business lives online. Some bricks and mortar businesses need to be far more about their phone lines. Call Tracking Metrics sets out to offer the same facilities as other names on this list but for physical businesses that live on the phone.


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