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Your default photo-sharing site? Dropbox

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Dropbox is on a quest, according to TechCrunch writer Matthew Panzarino: The cloud-based file-sharing service would like to become your default photo library. As evidence, Panzarino points to the fact that Dropbox apps on the Mac now automatically detect, upload and prepare shared links to the screenshots users capture with their computers.


It’s true, as Panzarino writes, this app serves a bit of a specific niche group of users. Journalists, of course, take a lot of screenshots, so they will benefit. So will big Twitter users and app developers. But the size of the group benefitting from the app isn’t what’s significant. What matters is that the app helps Dropbox get closer to being the top site for keeping and sharing photos.


This will make life easier for you, mind you. Wouldn’t it be simple to have Dropbox detect that photo you just snapped on your smartphone and upload it automatically to your Dropbox account? That day may not be far away.


This could even make sharing and storing photos a simple, hassle-free process, which it certainly hasn’t been up to this point. It’s too early to tell if Dropbox will be successful in its quest to be the top photo-sharing service in the cloud. Nevertheless the service is certainly off to a good start.


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